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As an importer of professional tools for artisan hairstylists

We’ve been working with distributors in the haircare field for more than 30 years

Spécialisée dans les instruments de coupe haut de gamme, nous représentons les tondeuses professionnelles Panasonic pour la France et les ciseaux japonais Takai Technology pour l’Europe.


Based on an in-depth knowledge of the hairdressing market with the desire to always satisfy the artisan hairdresser in the use of his cutting tools, we work with a panel of hairdressers who test our products before their launch. The expected criteria are satisfaction in the pleasure of cutting, the quality of the tool for the versatility of techniques, durability and a real value for money.

our expérience

We have put our experience of the market at the service of our customers for many years, listening to them in order to offer them distibution solutions adapter to their structures.


Our strength is responsiveness in the processing of orders with great traceability of all the items distributed to be sure to also then offer a quality service in the possible management of after-sales service. Proximity, listening, service and customer satisfaction are values ​​that make up Tema’s DNA and our line of conduct by your side.

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